Java game: CSI: Las Vegas

Image descriptionCSI: Las Vegas

by Gameloft

Join the CSI team in Vegas for an exclusive case on mobile, written in collaboration with the creator of the TV series! When blood is discovered in the luxury suite of a popular casino, the CSI team must lend their expertise. Now, it?s your chance to extract DNA, analyze scientific evidence, and examine objects from every possible angle with 3D animations. Interact with the characters from the show and interrogate suspects. And most importantly, find out who killed the lucky gambler!

Game data

Basic information

Genre: Puzzle / Logic
Platform: J2ME
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Game developer

Name: Gameloft
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Nepherka (13.09.10 08:11)

Can any one help, I cant get the token from the desert, I can look at it but no tools appear for me to take it or anything other than look at it. This seems to be the final clue in the desert and I dont seem to be able to move on in the game with out it. > I have restarted twice and get as far as this point. Grateful for any help. Thanks in advance

please help
steph (26.01.10 14:14)

can anyone help right at the beginningt of this game and connot get the evidence off the hairbrush i have been trying 4 weeks at every angle possible....have i missed something out or supposed to use something?????....

Peter (20.12.09 23:24)

is a preatty nice game

JJ (17.05.09 22:58)

HELP!! It is near the start but I have been trying for hours! I cant seem to get the evidence off of the hairbrush in the apartment!! I have tried it at every angle...... am I missing something out????

will (22.09.08 01:25)

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