Java game: Little Firefighter

Image descriptionLittle Firefighter

by HandyGames

Little Tobi dreams of being a mighty fire fighter like his dad. In a dream, he travels to the hottest of all places - hell itself! His toy fire truck Dandy accompanies Tobi. He provides him with the best equipment tools while the little boy bravely fights demons and extinguishes the flames of hell. Collect mighty power-ups and upgrade your equipment! Descent to the depths of the abyss to give the demons what they deserve: beautiful green landscapes, full of balmy flowers and cute, fluffy bunnies! End their reign of fire! Extinguish the underworld's purgatory once and for all!

Game data

Basic information

Genre: Arcade
Platform: J2ME
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Game developer

Name: HandyGames
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Supported handsets

  • Comming soon ...


Airgamer AwardMobilGamer AwardPocketGamer Award - BRONZE



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