Java game: Backgammon Classics

Image descriptionBackgammon Classics

by Gameloft

Backgammon has never been so easy and fun! Intuitive touch and accelerometer controls offer a deep immersion into the game, enabling sessions that closely resemble your moves in real life. Move the pieces naturally with the tip of your fingers, and shake your iPhone to throw the dice! At any time, switch between 3D and 2D views. In 3D mode, turn the board at will to examine it. Change your game environment from a choice of 3 different themes. All the official rules are fully accessible to everyone, with adaptable difficulty levels making it perfect for beginners and extra modes to keep experts challenged for hours. Backgammon Classics provides the most authentic Backgammon experience and uses the most powerful engine ever on the iPhone!

Game data

Basic information

Genre: Puzzle / Logic
Platform: J2ME
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Game developer

Name: Gameloft
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Supported handsets

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